Save Yourself Hours of Frustration,
Learn the Basics of Formatting Books
& Publishing Books with Createspace


Sure, you might be able to afford to skip this part of the training...

Unless you truly value your time as something that can never be replaced.

To be honest, even when you have been publishing for years, formatting books for publication can be very intimidating.

The first time I formatted a print book, I had to reformat and upload a dozen times, before I broke down and hired a professional to get it approved for publication.

Rather than repeating that nightmare, I hired people to format my next half dozen books.

That was a costly decision in time and money, but at least I didn't have to do it myself. :)

Then one day, my outsourcer told me that she could not do my book for another two weeks, because she was on her way out the door to go on vacation.


I didn't want to wait two weeks to publish my book!

For the first two days, I just stared at my computer, aggravated that I needed to learn how to format my own books...

Okay... I admit that is a childish way to deal with my frustration and aggravation... LOL

Finally after two days, I exhaled a big sigh, then got to work figuring out how to format my books.

I spent two days studying, then the lightbulb went on.


I finally understood, and it was not nearly as hard as I thought it should be. ;)

Everything went well, right up until I tried to format my own book cover...

I wasted another three days trying to get my book cover right.

Then I discovered the Createspace Book Cover Tool...

There was a bit of a learning curve there too, but now I can do a book cover in minutes, without needing to hire an outsourcer to do it for me.



Let Me Help You Quickly
Cut Through The Learning Curve


"Createspace Publishing Made Easy" is a 1 hour and 6 minute video that allows you to watch over my shoulder as I format a coloring book and upload it to Createspace.

In it, I am going to show you how to format your images, insert them into a book manuscript, then how to set up manuscript inside Createspace.

Not only that, I am going to show you how to use the Createspace Book Cover Tool, and I am going to explain how to set up distribution channels inside of Createspace.

Inside of "Createspace Publishing Made Easy", I am going to teach you in detail HOW TO:

  • Format Book Margins, and where to find the settings

  • Format Images to 300 DPI, and why you need to do that

  • Choose ISBN number options, and why you would choose one over another

  • Sell your coloring books to bookstores, and what you should keep in mind when doing so

  • Give book stores more than one option to purchase your books

  • Decide on Expanded Distribution Options inside of Createspace

  • Maximimize Your Book Royalties when setting up your book

  • Use Createspace's Preview Checking Tool

  • Use Createspace's Book Cover Creator

  • Where to find Public Domain Images inside of Createspace's Book Cover Creator

  • Make Changes to your book cover inside of Createspace's Book Cover Creator

  • Upload Custom Book Covers

  • Upload Custom Images inside of book covers created inside of Createspace's Book Cover Creator

  • Identify Common Errors and How to fix them

  • And much more...

The bottom line is this...

If you give yourself an hour to look over my shoulder while I am formatting a coloring book for publication and uploading it to Createspace, then you will recognize the steps and know what to do when you come to those steps.

Pick up your own copy of "Createspace Publishing Made Easy", and you will be able to avoid the wasted hours and wasted days I had when I first started publishing books...

Watch the video training inside of "Createspace Publishing Made Easy", and you will be able to avoid the frustration and aggravation of not knowing what to do, when you get to that item that seems to stump you...

While maybe not a necessary purchase, "Createspace Publishing Made Easy" will help you shorten your learning curve when publishing your coloring books, and it will help you get all of the details right the first time...


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